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The international company Lightrefund provides professional services in the field of international consulting, auditing services, legal and tax services.

Main vector of services

Companies with a bank account around the world

Business & Private

Hire us to seek legal guidance and adhere to regulatory compliance law.

Offshore company chargeback

Expert advice and help on the chargeback from offshore companies.

Chargeback from broker companies

Fast and operational work & expert advices.

Our clients

The clients of Lightrefund are firms operating in various fields, in particular, IT-companies, payment and banking establishments, gambling structures, Forex projects and crypto-companies.

Our Services

Investment recovery services

We are a specialized company and professionals who help to recover funds lost due to investment fraud. We use suchstrategies such as litigation, negotiation and tracing to maximize the chances of recovery.

Payment recovery services

These services focus on recovering funds lost as a result of payment-related fraud, such as unauthorized transactions, fraudulent online purchases, or payment processor issues. They work to investigate transactions, contact banks or crypto payment platforms, initiate chargebacks or other recovery methods.

Crypto asset recovery services

With the rise of of fraud and hacking related to cryptocurrencies, firms have sprung up that specializing in reimbursement of funds, lost in cryptocurrency-related incidents. We use blockchain analysis and legal means to identify and recover stolen or lost funds.

Forex recovery services

Forex trading fraud can lead to significant financial losses. Forex recovery services help individuals who have been victims of forex fraud, unauthorized trading, or fraudulent brokers. We strive to recover lost funds through legal means, complaints to regulatory authorities, or negotiations with the parties involved.

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